What is treasure mapping?

book-coverA Treasure Map is a goal represented with pictures and words in a collage-type format. Far more than simply finding pictures of things you think you want and gluing them onto poster board, there are specific steps you can take to increase the likelihood that your Map will be successful and your goals will be achieved.

1.  First, reflect on what you want to accomplish, and consider what might be blocking you from doing so.  When you are clear about what your goals are, and truly believe that you deserve to achieve them, you open the door to Treasure Mapping success.

2.  Be willing to release your blocks. For many people, blocks come in some form of fear, usually manifesting as worry, anger, jealousy, procrastination, or another negative emotion, and they can derail the ability to accomplish goals.  While it isn’t realistic to expect than you will magically be free of these feelings when you create a Treasure Map, the willingness to let them go does seem to facilitate success.

3.  Next, appreciate your current circumstances to help you focus on what is working in your life. As you focus on the things about your life you do appreciate, you will generate more positive outcomes as you work towards goal achievement.

4.  Once you create your Map, write a simple affirmation declaring that the goal is achieved in the present tense. Express gratitude in positive expectancy that the goal is manifesting, in the form requested or better.

5.  One of the most important steps is receiving.  This means receiving the ideas that come to you from your own intuition, and acting on those ideas.  You also need to accept and receive your goals as they are accomplished.

You can create a Treasure Map for virtually any goal you have, including:

  • health / body image issues
  • financial prosperity
  • career change or enhancement
  • manifesting a romantic relationship
  • any pure intention that won’t harm another

The Treasure Mapping process is simple, but not necessarily easy.  To learn more about how to work through these steps, see Barb Laporte’s book, “Goal Achievement through Treasure Mapping.”

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